Best 10G AV over IP Solution

After joining the SDVoE alliance, YUAN has developed 4 major product lines for SDVoE ecosystem, including camera, VGA card, video converter box and video capture card.

最佳的 10G AV over IP方案

在開發了視訊轉換盒Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K與世界上第一張SDVoE影像擷取卡SC710N1-L SDVoE之後,聰泰科技決定將SDVoE產品應用面延伸到周邊控制與戶外應用,而最新的產品線便是我們的強固型產品,HDMI to SDVoE與SDVoE to HDMI。

HDMI to SDVoE與SDVoE to HDMI除了一如既往地支援4K60無損傳輸與零延遲外,更針對戶外用戶所需的限制跟需求特別減低尺寸,增加可攜性;HDMI to SDVoE與SDVoEto HDMI除了支援一般周邊產品常見的USB HID、IR、UART外,更提供了腳架鎖孔、鳩尾槽等針用於戶外時與攝影機固定之用的設計;同時其強固型殼組與無須風扇的設計,更能讓使用者在戶外使用的同時,與既有設備牢牢固定,無須擔憂散熱與撞擊;且提供雙向聲音接口,可便於設備操作者與指揮人員彼此溝通之用。


而在既有的Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K與SC710N1-L SDVoE產品上,聰泰科技亦推出了更為低溫、低耗電的Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K V2與SC710N1-L SDVoE V2;新版的Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K提供了額外的聲音輸入/輸出,可讓有雙向語音傳輸需求的使用者更為便捷;而新款的SC710N1-L SDVoE除了保有SC710N1-L SDVoE的一切功能外,更降低了電耗與溫度,能讓客戶在使用上更不受限;以上所有產品均提供了光纖與銅線版本,能讓使用者依傳輸距離需求與架設環境選用。



1CH SDVoE 4K60 Encoder / Decoder with Rugged Case

Besides the zero latency and lossless 4K60P transmission features inherited among all products, the design of HDMI to SDVoE and SDVoE to HDMI further emphasizes portability by truncating the size of which for customers engaging in outdoor activities.
Other than the supports of USB HID, IR, UART commonly seen in products with peripheral control interfaces, we add tripod socket opening and dovetail slot on the two converters to mount them on tripods etc. The two converters will come in rugged cases and fanless design, allowing users to fix them tightly to equipment without worrying about heat and impact. More importantly, bi-directional audio transmission feature is supported for field equipment operators and commanders to quickly communicate.

SDVoE 4K60 Capture Card and Converter Box

Built upon the current hardware of Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K and SC710N1-L SDVoE, YUAN introduce hardware reinventions with lower heat and much less power consumption, Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K V2 and SC710N1-L SDVoE V2. New Multi to SDVoE Pro 4K provides additional line-in and line-out interfaces for users in needs of handy devices of bi-directional audio transmission. The new SC710N1-L SDVoE inherits all functions of its predecessor while further lowers down power consumption and improves heat dissipation. We implement both optical fiber and copper version for the two new products, so that users can choose whichever version according to their requirements on the distance of transmission and setup environment.

YUAN is also in development of products with various interfaces. We are now completing the current product line with 12G-SDI and DP-MST interfaces etc. other than conversion between HDMI and SDVoE We would like to invite OEM/ODM customers in interest of YUAN SDVoE product lines to generate business opportunities.