Captures 4K Video from Every Interface

A growing number of industries has applied 4K video formats as 4K resolution has gained popularity. YUAN has designed 4K capture cards with interfaces mostly used in different industries and field applications.

As a member of SDVoE alliance, YUAN has integrated the revolutionary next-generation technology with our existing capture card design to develop the 4K capture card, SC710N1-L SDVoE.
身為SDVoE Alliance的一員,聰泰科技結合了這個次世代的革新技術,於既有的擷取卡基礎上,開發了SC710N1-L SDVoE。

SDVoE is a standard of transmission based on Ethernet and widely applied in files applications such as 4K digital signage, conference rooms, video conference, transmission of medical video etc. SDVoE encompasses a diverse range of market applications and compatible with existing Ethernet infrastructure, while the HDMI2.0 loop-through design of SC710N1-L SDVoE provides local preview of 4K video.
SDVoE基於網路的傳輸方式尤其適用於4K廣告看板、會議中心、醫療手術傳輸畫面、視訊會議等等,其用途多元且相容於既有網路,而SC710N1-L SDVoE所提供的HDMI2.0輸出接口則可供本地端預覽4K畫面。

Application Scenarios應用場景 Industry of Professional Broadcasting

For the industry of professional broadcasting, YUAN also introduces SC710N1 SDI-12G with supports of dual-link/quad-link 12G-SDI, to capture different formats of 4K video based on the SDI interface.

在專業的廣播領域,聰泰科技也推出了SC710N1 SDI-12G專業擷取卡,除了可以支援12G-SDI外,同時也可以支援Dual-Link/Quad-Link等多種規範,擷取各種基於SDI所衍生的4K規格。

YUAN provide SC710N1-L HDMI2 card for high-end applications. SC710N1-L HDMI2 supports 4K60P 4:4:4 HDR lossless capturing. The design of low profile saves more space inside the chassis and allows a more flexible application for users.
針對高階運用,聰泰科技則設計了SC710N1-L HDMI2,其支援4KP60 444 HDR無損擷取;其半高設計,更顧及了機殼內部空間,取得更有彈性的運用。


Medical Industry醫療產業  

YUAN provides SC710N1 HDV to sever the needs to support diverse medical equipment with various interfaces. Same as SC710N1-L HDMI2.0, 4K60P 4:4:4 HDR lossless capture is supported. DP-MST is supported in the DisplayPort interface, while DVI interface also support DVI-DL. The card supports customers with better compatibility with different video interfaces from various medical devices.
而在醫療產業,針對多樣化的醫療設備,聰泰科技則推出了SC710N1 HDV,其HDMI接口不僅跟SC710N1-L HDMI2同樣支援了4KP60 4:4:4 HDR無損擷取外,其DisplayPort接口支援DP-MST,而DVI接口支援DVI-DL,可以提供相關的醫療設備在影像被擷取時,擁有最佳的影像介面相容度。

Mobile Platform移動式平台

For applications such as mobile platform, MiniPC, NUC, YUAN provides 12G-SDI and HDMI2.0 interfaced capture cards for professional and consumer markets in the dimension of M.2 2280 with B/M key. The thin size of M.2 card makes the integration with existing platforms easier.

而在移動式平台、miniPC、NUC方面,聰泰科技則針對專業與消費性的4K擷取提供了12G-SDI與HDMI2.0的擷取,而此二者採用M.2 2280 M Key的輕薄尺寸,可以輕易的整合入既有平台。

Mobile Capturing外接式擷取  

For mobile capturing, YUAN has introduced external 4K USB capture dongles, PD570 Pro HDMI2 HDR and UB570G Pro HDMI2 HDR. The HDMI2.0 interface and line-in features of PD570N1 HDMI2 HDR have made it a perfect solution for Youtubers to stream and share their content anywhere and anytime. PD570N1 HDMI2 HDR also comes in with the features of UVC standard and low power consumption that allows the model to work in different kinds of platforms and OS, as well as to extend operating time. UB570N1 HDMI2 HDR provides additional HDMI2.0 loop-through interface for users to check the video content at local monitors. Both products incorporate USB3.0 interface, support 4K HDR input and capture 4K30P HDR content.
對於外接式的4K擷取,聰泰科技針對行動需求開發了PD570 Pro HDMI2 HDR與UB570G Pro HDMI2 HDR,其中PD570N1 HDMI2 HDR所提供的HDMI2.0與外接音源接孔,讓它相當適於Youtuber隨時隨地分享影音,同時所支援的UVC標準與低電耗,讓其適用於各種平台,且延長工作時間;而UB570N1 HDMI2 HDR所額外提供的HDMI2.0環出則讓它適於本地端螢幕上同步監看;此兩者均採用USB3.0介面,支援4KP60 HDR輸入與4KP30 HDR擷取。

YUAN also develops UB570G Pro SDI-12G, answering to needs for SDI interface from the broadcasting market. Other than capturing 12G-SDI, UB570G Pro SDI-12G supports Quad-link 3G-SDI and Dual-link 6G-SDI as optional interfaces. 12G-SDI loop-through interfaced also comes in with the device for users to view at local monitors at the same time.
而針對廣播市場的SDI介面,聰泰科技亦推出了UB570G Pro SDI-12G,除了支援12G-SDI擷取外,亦支援了Quad-link 3G-SDI與Dual-link 6G-SDI ( 選配 )的擷取方式,同時提供12G-SDI環出訊號,可以讓12G-SDI訊號於本地端螢幕上同步監看。


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